About Us

An organisation established to abolish, furthermore positively and effectively rule over modern day slavery, this vile that poses an infringement of basic human rights, stripping away human dignity therefore instilling fear on victims and families and those vulnerable who sequentially make up our society.

Rebatho is purposed with a mandate to impact communities and serve people who seek freedom from slavery and exploitation that arises in different forms which could lead to human trafficking such as child labour or labour trafficking, sexual slavery, underage marriages or mutilation of body parts, and we call for justice to be served upon this injustice.

We plan and participate in awareness campaigns – campaigns that inform and add value to communities that make up our society and the general public. We also have outreaches in both the city and rural development areas, where there is a high vulnerability rate for possible human trafficking activities.

What We Do

We furthermore build networks with similar industry organisations; hold school presentations; safe house assistance; Victim empowerment and associate with relevant government departments in order to achieve our goal.

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively and effectively rule over modern day slavery, serving the people who make up our communities, being governed by principles of integrity and righteousness, impacting our country, continent and the world for the better

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a door of hope for victims of human trafficking, those whose rights have been infringed upon by this demeaning act, in ministering to their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being

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Rebatho is an organisation that relies on donations. There are different ways you can donate and every Rand does make a difference.

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